Care and Storage Instructions

When you receive your product from Duke's Butcher Shop with our special packaging, your product will be safe for 6 – 10 hours upon delivery. Your product can be kept properly refrigerated for up to 14 days or longer at 36 – 42ºF.

If the product is a "bone-in" product, such as a T-Bone, Porterhouse, or Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye, please keep this product in refrigeration no more than 7 days.

If you choose to freeze your steaks, that is the buyer's discretion. Our steaks are vacuum sealed with zero-air packaging. Your frozen steaks can easily stay in the freezer for up to 365 days. When you remove your product from the vacuum sealed packaging, please allow the product to naturally thaw in the refrigerator.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future.